TC Wu and the WPI team did an excellent job in helping me find the perfect home for me in Seattle. To be honest, I was so excited to buy my first home that at first everything looked great… Four walls and indoor plumbing? Sounds great! A lesser agent would have just let me have at it and buy just any old place. But not only did TC stop me from buying a place that was just plain bad, he took time to teach me a lot more about what to look for in a home and an investment, how to be patient in finding what I really want, and eventually helped me pick not a just decent buy but the VERY best possible place for me. I love my home and I am so glad that I had TC and his team at WPI. They were excellent throughout the entire process of not only getting everything done smoothly, but also explaining the process to me and making great recommendations that just made things so much easier. I would definitely recommend TC and WPI to anyone for real estate services.