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Bellevue Property Highlight – Bellevue Plaza 117 106th Ave NE Bellevue WA 98004


January 24, 2022


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Noteworthy Project – Bellevue Plaza 117 106th Ave NE Bellevue WA 98004

Bellevue Plaza is an exciting office project with ground-floor retail, adding to the fast-changing Bellevue downtown skyline. According to the SEPA filed with City of Bellevue:

Bellevue Plaza is a three-tower, half-block development on the site bounded by Main Street to the south, NE 2nd Street to the north, 106th Avenue NE to the east and 105th Avenue NE to the west (a private street). The site is in the City Center South district in Downtown Bellevue.

The proposed project consists of approximately 877,000 SF of office space in three towers, 30,000 SF of ground-level retail, open space, a through-bock pedestrian connection and below-grade parking for approximately 2,200 vehicles. Office entries are located on 106th Avenue NE and Main Street. Vehicular access for parking and service is from 105th Street, which will be improved as a part of the project scope.

The project is anticipated to be constructed in two phases, with Phase I consisting of an approximately 339,000 SF office tower, ground-level retail/active use space and parking. Phase 2 will include two office towers on a shared podium with ground-level retail/active use space and parking. The primary on-site open space and through-block pedestrian connection will be built concurrently with the first phase.

Phase II will entail limited demolition activities, as well as the construction of approximately 679,000 sf of office space, approximately 11,500 sf of retail/active use space, and roughly 1,478 below-grade parking stalls, with loading area and service spaces.

The demolition will include removal of the remainder of the existing buildings including slabs, foundations, and the vertical retaining wall left after Phase I activities, as well as parking lot rockeries and minor lot landscaping, some adjacent surface parking areas, driveways, and some utilities. Asphalt and concrete parking areas on the northern portion of the site would be removed (approximately 97 parking spaces).

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