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Investment Partners

Identifying the best real estate opportunities is only the beginning. We go over and beyond the level of service available on the market by ensuring the long-term execution of expected financial performance of the investment operation.

We are result-orientated and believe that a team approach is the best for real estate investors. By providing sound financial and business advice, we play a major role in helping our clients to achieve success.

How Investment Partners Works
Many real estate investors go into real estate investing without having a polished strategy, specific plan or even clear short-term or long-term goals. To maximize your investment in this rapidly changing economy, it is especially important to arm yourself with the most professional assistance. Our clients enjoy the mutual trust in the working and personal relationship with WPI. Most of our clients have been working with our firm for years; therefore, we are very familiar with our clients' long-term and short-term financial goals and exactly what it will take to achieve those goals.
Please see below for a brief summary of how we work:

Consultation and Portfolio Analysis
After initial consultation, the investment partners’ next step is to pinpoint specific objectives and develop a plan aiming to achieve it within the targeted risk level.
Driven by the traditional values of quality work and close client relationships, we maintain an open dialogue with all clients to ensure the partnership is founded on mutual trust and respect.

Opportunity Analysis and Acquisition
Our brokerage department has been specializing in working with institutional and private real estate investors since 1972. We know how to analyze and identify a good real estate investment as well as how to keep it that way.

Our investment team will then be responsible to find and procure the best deals according to the plan.

Ensuring Financial Performance through Management
With the goal in mind, the property management team focuses on achieving targeted results by closely monitoring the property. WPI Real Estate Services professionally tends to the day-to-day property management and bookkeeping needs of your real estate investment. Full-time professionals, equipped with the experience, tools and resources to maximize your investments, will be dedicated to the operation of your properties so you can focus on other aspects of your life. Over 35 years of property management experience has allowed us to develop the best tools and systems to ensure all aspects of your property are taken cared of in the best way possible. We understand what is most important to you as a real estate investor.

Since 1972, the foundation of WPI has been “Integrity, Knowledge, and Professionalism.”

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